Course Description

Master Accounting: Understand, analyse and interpret financial statements like a pro!

  • Do you aspire for a career in mainstream Finance or Business?
  • Are the lack of Accounting skills getting in the way of your career growth?

Worry no more. You’re in right place and in safe hands with SIB. Our Intro to Accounting course is ideal to bridge your knowledge gap and offers:

  • 2.5 hours of engaging and professionally edited HD videos
  • Plenty of practical exercises with extremely detailed step by step guidance to reinforce theoretical concepts

The course begins by introducing basic accounting concepts and rules which form the basis for preparing financial statements:

  • Then, we introduce and discuss the 3 main financial statements namely the income statement or P&L, balance sheet and the cash flow statement
  • Theory is backed up with real life examples
  • Perhaps the highlight of this course is a very detailed ratio analysis exercise for Adidas and Nike where you will be on a steep learning curve
  • This is a high impact exercise that brings together the most important and fundamental accounting & financial statement analysis skills

Especially for candidates from a non business or finance background, this Accounting course is a must as it lays a very strong foundation and paves the way for other awesome SIB content which follows later.


After having gone through all videos and exercises on our Intro to Accounting course, you will:

  • Develop an appreciation of the main accounting principles and rules
  • Get to grips with debits and credits
  • Have an understanding of the main financial statements
  • Be able to prepare a P&L statement, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Establish if the business is generating enough profits
  • Understand if the business is generating enough cash flows to sustain itself
  • Understand how working capital items impact cash flows
  • Develop an appreciation of how the financial statements are interconnected
  • Be able to apply principles of ratio analysis to compare & analyse financial statements
  • Be able to assess a company’ liquidity position
  • Develop an appreciation for the major metrics that shareholders’ pay attention to
  • Be able to assess a company’s capital structure and gearing position
  • Get to grips with a company’s profit generating capacity
  • Understand turnover ratios and working capital cycle
  • Navigate through annual reports and be able to identify relevant information with ease


Our Introduction to Accounting course offers:

Practical Skills: Since 2007, SIB has been a pioneer in the provision of practical skills. All our courses strike the perfect blend between theory and practice. Theory is backed up with practical exercises on depreciation, cost of goods sold, preparation, analysis and interpretation of financial statements

Relevance: Just think of a top tier firm (JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank,Citi, BofA, HSBC, Nomura etc) in a major financial centre (London, NY, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mumbai etc) across the world? SIB alumni from our full time placement programs are already making their mark and achieving big things. This is possible only because our content is relevant to industry and hits the nail on the head. By investing in this program, you have access to that same high impact world class content

Professional HD Production: All our content is professionally produced and edited to maximise your learning experience


After having gone through our Intro to Accounting course, you will be able to apply for:

  • Accounting jobs
  • Finance jobs 
  • Other jobs in business, management & consulting


  • Your access is valid for a period of 3 years from the day you sign up. So you have plenty of time to practice and perfect :)
  • There are no prerequisites for this module and content has been designed such that candidates from diverse academic and professional backgrounds are able to understand and digest concepts covered


We would recommend that you go through our programs in the following sequence:

Intro to Accounting --> Advanced Accounting--> Valuation- Trading Comps --> Valuation - Transaction Comps --> Valuation - DCF --> Financial Modeling

Without much ado, LET'S BEGIN LEARNING NOW!

About the Instructor

Team SIB

SIB-School of Investment Banking is a unique and one of a kind Investment Banking training institute. What sets us apart is the fact that in addition to providing cutting edge “job oriented” training, we leverage our deep contacts with recruiters to secure world class placement opportunities for candidatesToday SIB alumni are pursuing their career ambitions with major recruiters such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, HSBC, Nomura, PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte and Grant Thornton among others across the worldThis is possible only because our content is relevant to industry, contemporary and hits the nail on the headTeam SIB comprises of former bankers at Lehman Brothers, Nomura, Citi and UBS and has a proven track record of delivering industry relevant cutting edge training that transforms livesWith an average placement record of 90% since 2007, we know more than a thing or two about getting your foot in the door!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Opening Remarks

  • 2

    Introduction to Financial Statements & Accounting Principles

  • 3

    The Balance Sheet: It's Main Building Blocks

    • Current Assets: Cash, Debtors, Inventories etc

    • Non Current Assets: PP&E, Intangibles & Long Term Investments

    • Current & Non Current Liabilities: Debt, Creditors, Accrued Expenses,

    • Shareholders’ Equity: Common Stock, Retained Earnings, Other Items

    • Indicative Balance Sheet

  • 4

    The Income Statement (or P&L): Its Main Building Blocks

  • 5

    The Foundation: Double Entry Accounting

    • Trial Balance: The Starting Point

    • Accounting Rules: Debits & Credits

    • Final Accounts Exercise

    • EXERCISE: Master Debits Credits

  • 6

    The Cash Flow Statement: Its Main Building Blocks

  • 7

    Ratio Analysis Theory: Analysis & Interpretation of Financial Statements

    • Ratio Analysis Overview

    • Liquidity Ratios

    • Shareholder & Investor Ratios

    • Gearing Ratios

    • Profitability Ratios & DuPont Analysis

    • Turnover Ratios & Working Capital Cycle

  • 8

    Navigating an Annual Report

    • Navigating an Annual Report

  • 9

    Ratio Analysis Application: NIKE & ADIDAS

    • Ratio Analysis Exercise

    • Nike – Data Input

    • Adidas - Data Input

    • Calculating Ratios

    • Analysis & Interpretation: Who Wins?

  • 10


    • Overview

    • Finance Lease

    • Accounting for Finance Leases

    • Operating Leases, Accounting

    • Relevant Disclosures

  • 11

    Retirement Plans

    • Overview

    • Defined Contribution Plans

    • Defined Benefit Plans

    • Relevant Disclosures

  • 12

    Closing Remarks

    • Closing Remarks


5 star rating

Bisher Ghazal-Aswad

Excellent quality and well organised !!

Excellent quality and well organised !!

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5 star rating

Clears all Accounting basics easily

Priya Singh

Clears all accounting concepts easily. Good course and easy to understand

Clears all accounting concepts easily. Good course and easy to understand

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5 star rating

Excellent content

Isabelle Brown

Excellent content and exercises. Gives in-depth knowledge about accounting. Thumbs up!

Excellent content and exercises. Gives in-depth knowledge about accounting. Thumbs up!

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